Clearing efforts underway as snow accumulates on streets

ROCHESTER, N.Y. Rochester Department of Public Works crews are out on the streets, clearing the roadway before the evening commute.

We’re only dealing with a few inches of snow, so snow plow drivers should be able to clear the streets with relative ease. Since the snow started to accumulate on our streets, city snow plow drivers have been coming in and out of the operations center, where the city keeps thousands of tons of salt.

Each truck has been filling up with salt before heading to different parts of the city. The major streets were quite slushy but mostly passable under normal driving conditions. Secondary roads may still be icy at this time, so you need to be careful.

We haven’t seen a lot of snow yet, but it finally looks like winter today. Although it’s not quite a winter wonderland, people are happy to see some snow. The snowfall is done for now, and we’re seeing a bit of sleet and rain out here. Earlier people were out and about enjoying the snow.

Since the snow started to fall heavily here in the Rochester area, places like Highland Park had that picture-perfect postcard look of snow-covered trees and sidewalks. During the day people left their homes to walk through the park and enjoy the wintry scenery.

Local neighbors Christopher Furnum and Mary Joe Brach came to the park as well Wednesday afternoon, after weeks of wondering if they would ever see some snow this month. Remember if you’re out and about Wednesday night, snow plows are out there clearing the streets. Please give them some room to work.