Clyde-Savannah postpones school board meeting at request of law enforcement

School Board Meeting Canceled

School Board Meeting Canceled

ROCHESTER, N.Y. —The Clyde-Savannah Central School Board has called off its Wednesday night meeting. The board was supposed to hold a regular meeting, but canceled it at the advice of police.

This comes amid an investigation into an assault that allegedly happened in the locker room before a football practice.

Neighbors who live in Clyde say they’re hurt and confused and want to know more about what happened. They have been hoping for answers. Many, declined to speak on-camera.

Here’s what we know: something happened inside the locker room of the varsity football team before practice on Halloween. Sources tell News10NBC that a SnapChat video shows a handful of players holding down an underclassman and assaulting him.

The district canceled the rest of the season, and Clyde Police, with help of New York State Police, have been investigating ever since.

Clyde Police released the following statement on Wednesday, November 8:

“Clyde Village Police Department is continuing our investigation of the incident at Clyde-Savannah School.  Holding a school board meeting may encourage misinformation and create rumors. The school board cannot answer questions at this time due to an active criminal investigation. Clyde PD is working in conjunction with the Wayne County District Attorney’s office, The New York State Police and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department in this investigation.” 

The board meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday, November 15.

We’ve reached out several times to the district. Superintendent Michael Hayden says the district can’t divulge specifics, due to confidentiality concerns and the integrity of the investigation.

Full statement from the Village of Clyde:

We as a village are saddened, surprised, and disappointed with the events/alleged accusations surrounding our school district. Be advised that this is an active investigation. Due to the sensitivity, and ages of those involved with this investigation we cannot comment any further at this time. We would like to thank all law enforcement officials who have been involved, spent many hours, and are continuing to, with a difficult task at hand. At this point if you have any details, questions, or video footage concerning this matter please contact The Clyde police department. You can be assured that when we can, without jeopardizing the case, we (The village and law enforcement involved) will release a full statement. It is imperative that everyone remembers that this IS an active investigation prior to commenting.