Community raises money for McDonald’s worker after bike was stolen

ROCHESTER, N.Y. In a video that has gone viral, a McDonald’s employee got the surprise of her life.

Jessica Craig has medical issues and is a part-time worker at the McDonald’s in Webster. She is unable to drive because of those medical challenges, so she depends on her bike to get to and from work. Recently her electric bike was stolen from outside the McDonald’s.

“I was gutted,” Craig said. “I don’t want to work that much but sometimes you just put the wheels to the grindstone and get the work done because it has to get done. So, it just made my life so much easier.”
She has worked hard to save up money to purchase that electric bike.

For a lot of us, we bike as a fun outdoor activity, but for Craig, it’s a necessity and her only mode of transportation. After it was stolen, her boss went on social media to vent his frustrations over the whole ordeal. He then put the wheels in motion to get her that necessity back. Within three days people who didn’t know Jessica raised money to replace her bike.

In the video you see Craig’s manager surprising her with the new bike. Craig says it’s a moment she will forever hold dear to her heart.

“Ten days later they surprised me with a bike and I had no idea it was going to happen,” Craig said. “They just led me around a corner and wheeled out a new bike. And apparently, Eric had his sons put it together and test drive it to make sure it worked. I can’t believe that. It’s my favorite story when strangers come together to support somebody in that manner.”