Concerned neighbors help save dog that was allegedly abused

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. -You hear it time, and time again. “If you see something, say something.” That’s what a bunch of neighbors on Iroquois Street did over the weekend, helping to save a dog that was allegedly being abused. 

News10NBC talked to Lollypop Farm where the dog is being treated for its injuries. The badly beaten dog that was rescued from the home is the second one taken from the property in the past year.

“He was worth every penny. I’d do it all over again,” said Suzanne Nugent, a local animal rights activist.

Last year she helped rescue a badly injured pup by purchasing it from its owner. The owner was later identified as Sherod Campbell. Nugent immediately turned the dog that was renamed “Vinny” over to a local vet.

“He was held overnight, and picked up by an investigator the following morning and driven to the Humane Society, where they documented his injuries, and he was held as evidence until he was cleared for adoption, and I believe he did get a good home,” said Nugent.

The dog’s former owner Sherod Campbell was charged with overdriving, torturing, and injuring an animal. His case is still pending. Over the weekend neighbors on Iroquois Street called Rochester Police to report that a dog was suspected of being abused at the same home again.

“It looks as though something was bound around his neck. His face is extremely swollen. The neighbor had reported that the dog had been left out all night, and was howling and crying, and then for about an hour it just sat there with its head hung low looking terrible,” said Nugent.

Police referred this case to Rochester Animal Control, and the unnamed mixed breed dog was taken to Lollypop Farm for treatment. His injuries, according to the Humane Society, include swelling to the face and head, some cuts, and wounds in different stages of healing.

“So now we’re in the process of trying to find out who that dog belongs to. Who the owner is. Who was actually at 21 Iroquois Street on that day, and go from there,” said Reno DiDomenico, VP Lollypop Farm Law Enforcement.

Both police, and the Humane Society, credit concerned neighbors for their help.

“Without that community member reaching out to me, we would not have been able to go in and ultimately rescue that dog from that location, and get the dog the medical treatment that it needs,” said Rochester Police Lt. Greg Bello.

The male dog is in stable condition at Lollypop Farm. No one has been charged, but the investigation is continuing.