Concerns for safety at the Culver Road McDonald’s

Gunpoint robbery at McDonald’s under investigation

Gunpoint robbery at McDonald's under investigation

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Customers are reacting to a gunpoint robbery at the McDonalds on Culver Road on Wednesday night, just before 11 p.m. Police say no one was injured, but several employees were inside at the time. No arrests have been made.

On top of that, the location had been shutting its doors to the dining room during daytime hours, for safety reasons. 

That’s according to the sign on the door.

A manager for the store had no further comment. But the sign says, “The safety of our staff and guests is our top priority. Due to recent events that have occurred, we will be locking the doors Monday through Friday, from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. …” 

The signs were already up before the robbery.

But on Wednesday night, the location was lit with police lights, as officers spoke with employees inside. Police said the suspect entered the restaurant as it was closing, displayed a handgun, and demanded money.

The suspect ran out, with stolen money, according to the Rochester Police Department.

News10NBC headed to the McDonalds around lunchtime on Thursday, to see if any customers would talk. The front doors were locked, but the drive-through remained busy.

One DoorDasher, Malachi Snyder, said he’s noticed similar situations with locked doors at other franchises, like Wendy’s and Popeye’s. 

“Usually I come later at night, and they’re always closed which is understandable. But sometimes I come during the day, and they’re also completely closed,” he said. “And I have to wait in that long line to pick up an order for DoorDash that’s already ready.” 

Mary Coffey, co-chair for the North Winton Business Association, said the news of the robbery is terrible. She’s also an active member of the RPD Chief’s Police Citizen Interaction Committee, and works with police for routine details.

“We had a meeting with police, all our businesses, and they want law and order,” said Coffey. “They want to keep their businesses here.”

Another customer, Nasir Tate, was surprised to see the doors locked.

“I was shocked because, as you can see, people expect to go in and order food, maybe eat in, enjoy their meal, but people can’t even do that nowadays, it’s just crazy honestly,” he said. “I would encourage parents to step up, make sure they’re taking responsibilities, because I mean, the city we live in now is coming to a crazy point.”

We don’t know the age of the suspect in the gunpoint robbery. But there are kids in the area, as it’s in close proximity to East High School. Coffey said she’s concerned for those kids.

East High told News10NBC in a statement, it’s unaware of any incidents involving its students at the McDonalds. But, it adds, it regularly communicates with neighboring businesses, including McDonalds, to discuss any concerns.

News10NBC followed up with Mayor Malik Evans Thursday morning, but has not heard back. 

Coffey said she can recall Evans advocating for peace in this very neighborhood, when he was on the school board.

Cost: Is there anything you want to hear from the mayor, right now?

Coffey: I would like to have him take a stand… raising the educational level for our children, for a better future, bring in good jobs, have job training, and to stop the violence. Stop the crime.