Concertgoers head back to Kodak Center for first show after deadly crash

Concertgoers return to the Kodak Center

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Several police vehicles were stationed outside the front of the Kodak Center Saturday night as a crowd headed into the venue for the first time since the deadly crash on New Year’s Day.

With a noticeable increase in security and police presence outside the Kodak Center, Candy Allport said she felt safe coming out to enjoy a night of fun at the “Stayin’ Alive: One Night of the Bee Gees” concert.

“I’m trusting that things will go well, and want to continue to live the life I’ve become accustomed to,” Allport said.

But like many others crossing West Ridge Road to the venue for Saturday’s concert, Allport said she hasn’t forgotten about what happened on the first of January.

“I was certainly horrified because I come here often,” Allport said.

An intentional crash killed Joshua Orr and Justina Hughes outside the Kodak Center on New Year’s Day.

The two friends were taking an Uber home from a concert when Michael Avery drove his SUV filled with gasoline cans into their Uber, head-on. Avery also struck a number of pedestrians, including Dawn Revette, who later died. Avery himself also died.

Anna Margolis was joining a friend who had won tickets to Saturday’s Bee Gees tribute band concert but said she thought twice before deciding on coming to the show.

“It was frightening — I kind of debated about going tonight, but she got the free tickets,” Margolis said.

Allport hopes that with the increase in security and safety around the venue, more people will keep coming to the Kodak Center.

“It’s a wonderful place for shows. You see a lot of good bands. Ya know, we enjoy it very much,” Allport said.