Consumer alert: Android user? Delete these 19 apps now!

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – This consumer alert is an urgent warning for android users. Following analysis by MalwareFox, you’re urged to delete 19 apps because they’re infected with malware and spyware designed to steal your private information. And we’re talking about apps that millions of folks have on their phones; apps like private messenger, premium SMS, even something seemingly as harmless as blood pressure checker.

Android is an open-source operating system so it can operate any third-party app, unlike iPhones. That leaves it vulnerable to ingenious cyberthieves who are downloading real apps from the Google Play Store, injecting malicious viruses, then re-uploading the app to the store under a new name. Some of these infected apps have been downloaded millions of times.

First, you need to delete the 19 infected apps, then you need to make sure that Google Play Protect is turned on. It will detect viruses and malware, remove infected apps, and notify you that it has done so.

Here’s a list of the 19 apps:

1. Fare Gamehub and Box

2. Hope Camera-Picture Record

3. Same Launcher and Live Wallpaper

4. Cool Emoji Editor and Sticker

5. Amazing Wallpaper

6. Simple Note Scanner

7. Universal PDF Scanner

8. Private Messenger

9. Premium SMS

10. Blood Pressure Checker

11. Cool Keyboard

12. Paint Art

13. Color Message

14. Vlog Star Video Editor

15. Creative 3D Launcher

16. Wow Beauty Camera

17. Gif Emoji Keyboard

18. Instant Heart Rate Anytime

19. Delicate Messenger

Click here for directions for assuring Google Play Protect is on.