Consumer Alert: Consumer confidence, online shopping, and your Nissan

How are you feeling about the economy?  If you said, “not so great,” you’re not alone.  Consumer confidence numbers are out today.  And they’re troubling. The Consumer Confidence Index is a survey to gauge how we’re feeling about the economy right now, and what we’re predicting in the future.  And the index showed people were increasingly pessimistic in January and the trend continued in February. 

And when we’re pessimistic, we spend less.  When consumers believe a recession is on the horizon, they put off buying homes, cars, or durable goods like appliances.  And in that way, our feelings can be self-fulfilling.  Our spending accounts for two-thirds of our GDP, and when we stop spending, the economy suffers.

Online shopping is moving to next day delivery.

Here’s a common quandary.  You need it tomorrow, but you can only find it online.  Ah, don’t despair.  Amazon executives told the Wall Street Journal the company is expanding and will have 150 same day distribution warehouses across the country in the coming years.  The announcement comes just days after Target and Walmart announced they’re expanding fast delivery services as well..

Nissan recalls more than 700,000 vehicles.

Are you nuts about your Nissan?  Listen up.  The company is recalling more than 700,000 small SUV’s in the U.S. because they can shut off unexpectedly while you’re driving.  The recall covers certain rogues from the 2014 through 2020 model years, as well as rogue sports from 2017 through 2022.  Those cool looking folding keys can close when the vehicle is moving.  The key has an internal pivot that can weaken over time, allowing the key to close if you inadvertently touch it.  Nissan doesn’t have a fix yet, but for now, leaders say don’t attach anything else to your key ring.  But if you have a key that won’t stay open, you should immediately contact your dealer. In the meantime, if your vehicle is affected, you should get a letter in March.