Consumer Alert: Customer concerns continue to arise after Ruby-Gordon bankruptcy filing

Consumer Alert: More Ruby-Gordon customers coming forward with concerns

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The questions and concerns keep pouring in from folks who ordered furniture from Ruby-Gordon and haven’t received it.

A lot of these customers have been waiting for nearly six or seven months, and still no furniture. Or they got part of their order, but have been waiting for months for the rest of it.

That’s the case for Giovanni Biscardi. Biscardi is a father to a family of eight, and he ordered bedroom furniture for some of his kids along with a new sofa. He was assured he’d get his furniture in 12 weeks. Twelve weeks has turned into six months, and while he got the bedroom furniture, he never got the sofa.

But, he did get the bill.

“Credit card statements already saying that I owe money to pay for stuff that I have not received,” says Biscardi. “And I also put down $1,000 towards my furniture that has not been credited or seen… anything. I was also told that if I want to cancel my order, I would have to pay a 20% restocking fee.”

He’s not alone. News10NBC continues to hear from others facing the same plight.

A viewer, let’s call her “Jane,” wrote the following to News10NBC:

“I am owed over $1,500 and am not able to contact Ruby-Gordon. I do not want to be on the news. I am just looking for some help on what to do from here.”

So, News10NBC’s Deanna Dewberry scoured the bankruptcy filing looking for this viewer’s name. The filing lists the names of 43 customers who are owed money or furniture. According to the document, the total amount owed to customers is $65,780.23.

But, Deanna has to question whether the actual number is much higher, because neither Giovanni nor Jane are on that list. Could there be even more?

So, Deanna contacted a consultant handling the liquidation. He said any customer who is owed money or furniture can come to the store at 10:00 Monday morning.

As News10NBC previously reported, the attorney for Ruby-Gordon assures Deanna that this bankruptcy agreement mandates that customers be given priority. So, a fund is being set aside to assure customers are made whole.

As for the Ruby-Gordon liquidation sale, it will start next week. They don’t have an exact date yet.

The liquidator stresses that you don’t have to be concerned about delays in getting furniture at the sale, because it will all be on site.