Consumer Alert: Don’t want to pay full price for the iPhone 14? Here’s how you can get an iPhone 13 for free!

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. When is the best time to buy your new iPhone? That’s the question many are asking the day after the new iPhone 14 hit the market.

I have an iPhone 10 as my personal phone and an iPhone 5s as my work phone. Clearly, I don’t like change. I keep my phones until they’re so old they no longer receive security updates. The same is true of my car. My 2010 is still running great, so why buy a new one?

While not everyone keeps their phones as long as I do, it appears even Apple enthusiasts are less than enthusiastic about the new release. conducted a poll, and 70 percent of respondents said they are *not* planning to buy the new model.

That’s largely because as the iPhone has become more sophisticated, there are fewer groundbreaking differences between each model. Here are the new model’s perks. The new iPhone 14 will have a crash detection feature, and you’ll be able to send an emergency message by satellite if you don’t have cell service. And despite inflation, the price remains the same as the last model, $799.00.

But if you need a new phone and don’t want to pay full price, you have options. Carriers are now offering great deals on the iPhone 13.

  • Verizon: The company is offering a buy one get one when you sign an unlimited plan.
  • Visible: It’s owned by Verizon. It’s offering a $200 gift card.
  • AT&T: It’s offering up to $700 for your trade-in
  • Best Buy: It’s offering up to $700 off with trade-in and activation
  • Mint Mobile: It’s offering 6 months of free service
  • Walmart: It’s offering up to $425 for your trade-in
  • T-Mobile: It’s offering a free iPhone 13 with your trade-in and signing a two-year plan

But most of these deals come with strings attached. You have to sign a contract with the carrier. 

But if your phone isn’t broken and you can wait, retail analysts I read today say you see the best iPhone deals during the Black Friday frenzy. You’ll see deals that rarely pop up at other times of the year.