Consumer Alert: Free tech games to keep your kiddo busy during spring break

ROCHESTER, N.Y. This consumer alert is all about you, spring break and your bored kiddos.

If you’re one of many who didn’t have the opportunity to get away for spring break, you’ve likely heard the dreaded refrain from your children, “I’m bored!” And your kids are driving you bonkers. I can relate.

School breaks are the most expensive times of the year for many families. Camps are great but often cost a fortune. And there are just so many days you can take the kid to the park before she starts to whine. So I brought in our tech guru to tell us about some free entertainment.

Here’s how to use a tech tool like your phone or tablet to keep your kids busy, entertained and teach them something in the process!

“Let’s make sure that they’re doing something educational once in a while,” said Jason Komenski, an AT&T sales manager. “There’s this really cool app, we use it at work all the time at work. It’s called Kahoot. And you can build your own quizzes on there or you can really dive into any of the thousands of all the pre-built quizzes and games that they have on there – educational fun, entertainment. But it’s a really cool way for you to get involved with your kids and use the tech alongside them.”

You can find the free app in your Apple App Store or your Google Play App Store.

To make sure you play without a hitch, Komenski says you should check your internet speed with an app called Ookla. It’s also available in your Apple App Store as well as your Google Play Store.

And you may have to move your router a bit closer to the area where you’re going to play.
I like to buy some prizes from a dollar store so the kids are really invested in the game, and they’re learning without realizing it. Happy Kahooting!