Consumer Alert: FTC orders Credit Karma to pay consumers for fake notices of pre-approval for credit cards

Consumer Alert: Credit Karma must pay customers

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Do you use Credit Karma?  Then you may have a check headed your way. Credit Karma offers consumers an easy way to track your credit scores, but it also floods you with credit card offers.  The FTC says Credit Karma lied to consumers, saying you’d been pre-approved for a credit card to entice you to apply. But often, the consumer wasn’t qualified.  Their application was denied, and their credit score was harmed.

The FTC is sending almost 500,000 emails or letters to consumers who are eligible for payment. But you have to file a claim. Click here to fill out an application.

Consumers who have questions or need help filing a claim can email or call 866-848-0871. The deadline to file a claim is March 4, 2024.