Consumer Alert: Just in time for football season, the price of chicken wings plummets!

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – This consumer alert looks at chicken wings.  Could the price of this football fan favorite be falling just in time for the Bills to hit the gridiron?  The answer is yes!  I have really good news for those who just have to have some Buffalo wings with your Buffalo Bills.  The first regular season game is September 8th, and just in time, the price of wings has fallen 48 percent since May of last year, from $3.25 per pound to $1.68.  That’s lower than the price before the pandemic.

From gas to groceries, we, as consumers, are experiencing some relief.  According to GasBuddy, the price of gas fell almost 12 cents last week in Rochester, and Monday the average price was $4.33.  That’s higher than the national average of $3.86, but it’s fallen nonetheless.

And at the grocery store, there’s more reason to celebrate.  From hot dogs to chicken breasts and tomatoes, we saw welcome price drops month over month in the July Consumer Price Index.  But some price drops during the month of August really caught my eye.  First let’s talk about eggs.  The average price of eggs fell 60 cents in a week, from $2.74 the first week of August to $2.14 the second week.  The price of milk fell 8 cents from the second week of July to the second week of August.  And the price of butter fell a whopping $1.01 during the same time period.

So does this mean inflation has peaked?  Can we all pull out the pompoms and party horns?  Not yet.  Experts say one month does not a celebration make.  And those chicken wings?  The CEO of Pilgrim’s Pride recently told shareholders that as demand increases the price will too.  We could see the prices start climbing again by the time basketball season starts in October.