Consumer Alert: Relief expected at the pumps

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Experts tell us Monday is the best day to fill up your gas tank — but if you did, you know the price at the pump is on the rise.

According to AAA, here in Rochester, the price jumped 10 cents in just a week. We’re approaching $4 gas again. Ay relief any time soon?

Actually, the answer is yes. Experts tell us that because the rate of price hikes has slowed nationally in recent days, rising prices may be coming to an end.

Part of the reason: Demand is down. Lots of areas of the country are returning to school, so we’re seeing less summer travel.

Also, we expect temperatures to cool in the coming weeks — albeit slowly. That will mean that refineries can again operate at full capacity, increasing the supply of gas.

Right now, the cheapest gas in the Rochester area is $3.57 at Walmart on Marketplace Drive, followed by $3.59 at Delta Sonic in Henrietta.


Considering some home improvement projects? You’ll soon be able to get more than $14,000 in rebates for making your home more energy-efficient.

States have to sign on to the Biden administration’s rebate program — and New York is doing so.

Later this year, you can get a rebate at the point of sale for electric appliances and home efficiency improvements.


They’re calling it the Swifty Effect.

That’s right. Economists are measuring the effect Taylor Swift’s Eras tour is having on the GDP — and some believe the tour could add as much as $5 billion to the worldwide economy.

Her concerts have a ripple effect as fans buy airline tickets, hotel rooms and food, giving host cities a huge economic boost.

You’ll remember last month I told you the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia credited Swift with boosting travel and tourism in the area.

Her tour consists of 131 concerts across 17 states and five continents.

The Swifty Effect is so big that world leaders from Canada to Chile have asked her to take her tour to their countries.