Consumer Alert: Rochester earns the title of 2nd clumsiest city in America

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – This consumer alert takes a look at one of the most expensive things you carry every day, your cell phone. Rochester has made it to the top of an unflattering list. We’re the second clumsiest city in America.

Asurion, an insurance company for cell phones and expensive tech, studied the number of broken phone claims per capita as well as cities with the most personal injury lawyers and orthopedic surgeons per capita. 

Here’s the top 10 list of the clumsiest cities.

  1. New Orleans
  2. Rochester, NY
  3. Raleigh, NC
  4. Atlanta, GA
  5. Fresno, CA
  6. Birmingham, AL
  7. Richmond, VA
  8. Jacksonville, FL
  9. Hartford, CT
  10. Louisville, KY

Asurion’s study found that the average person experiences about 140 moments of what they call phone peril every year. We’ve all been there. Your phone slips out of your hand landing face down on the concrete. And you hold your breath while picking it up, hoping against hope that the screen isn’t cracked. The study found some interesting correlations. The top 10 clumsiest cities had populations with the highest percentage of children, folks 18 and under. Also, the cities with the highest numbers of non-drinkers had the fewest clumsy incidents.

So I chatted with an expert with AT&T about this study, and she says there is one place you should never take your phone.
“Keep it out of the bathroom as much as you can,” said Keron Incarnato, AT&T’s Vice President and General Manager of Northeast States. “I cannot tell you how many customers I’ve helped over the years that have had that unfortunate toilet bowl situation. But I will tell you if you are a person that can never miss that text even for a bathroom break, you might want to take a look at getting a smartwatch.”

She says with a smart watch you can get your text on your watch without risking your phone. She also says getting a screen protector is a necessity since broken screens are the most frequent complaint representing about 30 percent of all claims.

And she suggests you invest in earbuds so you don’t have to hold the phone to answer it.  Lastly, always keep your phone in a good protective case.

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