Consumer Alert: Letter catches Irondequoit Police Department’s attention

Consumer Alert: A scam that could land in your mailbox

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IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. – Irondequoit Police are warning folks about a scam that could land in your mailbox.

It’s a letter warning you that your home warranty is expiring.

The letters look like official government documents. They are even marked “private” and “confidential” at the top. But as News10NBC’s Deanna Dewberry found out, they are nothing more than junk mail.

It’s easy to see why the letter appears so real. It says “final notice” at the top. On the left is marked “Home Warranty Division.” Beneath that, the lender info: “Town of Irondequoit.”

The letter warns you to call the number to avoid any delays in coverage, and it says your home warranty secured by the Town of Irondequoit may be expiring.

But Dewberry Googled the phone number and learned it has no connection to the town. It’s a home warranty company called Superior Home Protection.

It does mention the name of the company in tiny print at the very bottom of the letter. The Better Business Bureau gives the company an ‘F’ and warns folks about complaints about unwanted phone calls and deceptive letters.

But it’s not from Irondequoit, so police are warning people that the letter is a scam.

Dewberry called the number on the letter. The person who answered cheerfully says she can set up the warranty on her home and begins to tell her about the policy. She then says whatever Dewberry had before has expired. She doesn’t see anything currently active, and wants to go over the policy with her.

News10NBC’s Deanna Dewberry: “Hold on just a second. It says it’s secured through the Town of Irondequoit. How is that?”

She says she doesn’t work in that department, but the company is secured by lenders and different counties offer the coverage to homeowners. After several minutes, she admits that Superior Home Mortgage is a private company with a three-year policy that requires $500 down and payments of $333 a month for 12 months.

That’s when Dewberry tells her she’s a reporter.

Dewberry: “Our chief of police sent out warnings about this letter saying that you are a scam. Is this a scam?”

She insists it’s a real company and that she helps people get coverage on their homes.

“However, the BBB has given you an ‘F’ because it calls the way you try to get business deceptive,” Dewberry says.

And with that, she ended our call.

It’s important to mention this is not a scam. Superior Home Protection is a real home warranty company. But letters they’re sending to homeowners in our area are deceptive. This is a private company trying to sell a product. They have no connection to our towns or cities or counties.

So with all things, buyer beware.