Consumer Alert: Tech guru shares top gadget picks for grads, including A.I.-powered phone

Consumer Alert

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — As graduation season swings into full gear, many people are scrambling to find the perfect gift for their new graduates. In a recent Consumer Alert from News10NBC, we explored high-tech gift ideas that are both practical and appreciated by tech-savvy grads.

News10NBC’s Deanna Dewberry spoke with AT&T tech guru Jason Komenski, who shared some top gift suggestions for this graduation season. He highlighted the Belkin magnetic battery pack as an excellent choice for graduates who are always on the move. This handy gadget can be attached to the back of a phone to provide a full charge, and it’s available on Amazon for between $25 and $50.

Komenski was particularly enthusiastic about the Samsung S-24, a smartphone equipped with cutting-edge A.I. technology. He explained, “This thing has new technology built into it. A.I. technology.” He shared an impressive demonstration of the phone’s capabilities: “I went to a meeting and the Samsung guys were there. They trained us on it. He takes out the S-24, presses record, leaves it off to the side, and says, ‘Okay, let’s finish the meeting.’ Thirty minutes later, he picks up the phone, presses stop, and then asks the AI to build some notes from the last 30 minutes.” The result was a concise, bullet-pointed summary of the meeting, all compiled without anyone taking notes manually.

For Apple enthusiasts, Komenski recommends the latest Apple Watch, iPad, or iPhone, noting that these devices sync seamlessly with each other. He suggested a scenario where a grad could compose a paper on their iPad and submit it directly from their phone. Additionally, AT&T is offering a promotional deal for 99 cents on various Apple products if you upgrade, with similar graduation promotions available from other carriers.

These high-tech gifts are not only appealing but highly functional for college students and recent graduates, ensuring your gift will enhance their educational and professional endeavors.

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