Consumer Alert: The important tech checklist before going on vacation

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – This consumer alert takes a look at your summer vacation to-do list. Before we go, we all usually have to take care of things like finding care for the pets, getting the post office to hold the mail, and asking a neighbor to water the plants.  But, have you created a tech checklist? Not doing it can cost you.

So with the help of AT&T tech guru Jason Komenski, here’s Deanna’s tech do list for traveling.

  • Check your mobile plan. For example, if you’re traveling internationally, you’ll need to get temporary international coverage. Or perhaps you’re going somewhere without access to Wi-Fi, then perhaps you’ll need more hotspot data.
  • Back up your data. If your phone is lost or stolen, you’ll thank yourself for it.
  • Consider insurance for your phone or tablet. It’s usually not very expensive.
  • Always carry a portable battery. Few things are more frustrating than being out sightseeing and your phone dies.
  • And lastly, Jason urges you to download your phone’s software updates before you go.           

“The one thing I want you to do before you go on vacation is update all the security features on your phone,” said Komenski. “Very simple. It takes less than five minutes in normal situations. You probably have a little bubble on your settings window on your iPhone right now, a red bubble that’s been sitting there for the last six months. And you’re like, ah I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll update it tomorrow. I’ll update it tomorrow. Update it now.”

It’s important to download software updates *before* you leave because you’re more vulnerable to security hacks while you’re on vacation. When we’re traveling, we’ve deviated from our routines and are distracted. In those situations, it’s easy to choose convenience over safety when you’re away.

And remember, you want to avoid public Wi-Fi and public charging stations. Both make you vulnerable to a hack attack. Your tech checklist will assure that vacation will be one you’ll remember for all the *right* reasons.