Consumer Alert: You can find a doctor through Amazon?

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Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world. So for some folks.. it’s the go-to for everything from TVs to toilet paper.

But would you look to amazon for your healthcare?

You can go through the site, and amazon will connect you with a participating healthcare provider. Messaging is $25, and a video visit is $75 — and no, they don’t take insurance.

But these docs don’t treat everything. There’s a list of more than 20 common health conditions. First, you choose your ailment. The, pick a provider from Amazon’s list.

The service launched in november but is now available in all 50 states.

Amazon Clinic follows the purchase last year of One Medical, a primary care provider that provides tele-health visits.


Speaking of Amazon … do you think all their packages are delivered by vans?

Amazon released a video in a blog this week showing that some of their workers have four legs.

The retail giant uses mules to make deliveries to a ranch located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. A spokesman told USA Today it takes four hours to get to the bottom by mule..


A study by American Trucks revealed that roughly 35% of car owners have been scammed by a mechanic.

It found the most common scam is upselling unnecessary repairs.

You should also watch out for charging for new parts but installing used or lower quality ones, as well as charging hidden fees for things like diagnostics and part disposal.

Experts suggest you should always get quotes for the repair in writing and get a second opinion.