County Executive Bello speaks on RG&E scam number

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Following a News10NBC Investigation, Monroe County Executive Adam Bello has requested that Attorney General Letitia James investigate how scammers took over a toll-free number for hearing/speech impairment customers printed on all RG&E bills.

Bello’s request follows a report by News10NBC Investigative Reporter Jennifer Lewke which aired Wednesday, in which she uncovered the scam.

After seeing Lewke’s report, Bello says he quickly reached out to Attorney General Letitia James who, like many RG&E customers, wants to know how a scam phone number ended up on utility bills. Bello says he sprung into action to protect the community.

“I called to put this on the Attorney General’s radar and I’m delighted that the Attorney General decided this afternoon to open an inquiry into this,” Bello said.

He said this is an issue that could affect thousands of RG&E customers, “I even looked at my own bill,”

Bello said. “I pulled it up when I woke up this morning and pulled it up on my app and noticed that bad number so we really need to get that message out to residents.”

For RG&E customers like Victoria Pacheco, finding out about the scam phone number was a disappointment, but not a surprise.

“A friend of mine had indicated that they had called a number and that there was a scam whereby they were fraudulently charged,” Pacheco said.

That is one of many reasons why Pacheco attended the Rochester City Council meeting Thursday night to voice her concerns about the scam and the billing issues that have been plaguing the utility, “the billing structure for which they have as far as billing, is incompetent,” she tells News10NBC.

Bello says he also contacted RG&E this afternoon and says the utility acknowledged the problem and is taking action to correct it.

“It really is the result of the Channel 10 story,” Bello said. “This is all just really unfolding now. So, I just think the first immediate issue here is to spread the word and make sure that they know they can contact the attorney general’s office but also to make sure people are aware not to call that number that’s on their bill.”

Bello said that on his call with RG&E, the CEO called the scam phone number on customer

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