Coverage from SUNY Brockport — which got an extra 5 seconds of totality

Eclipse day at SUNY Brockport

Eclipse day at SUNY Brockport

BROCKPORT, N.Y. – Investigative Reporter Jennifer Lewke was at the SUNY Brockport campus, which got get an extra five seconds of totality compared to the city because it’s in the exact center of the path of totality.

Most of the 1,000-plus people who came out to Brockport on Monday did not leave disappointed with the cloud cover. It was still pretty incredible to see how quickly it got dark and what happened when it did.

At first it was hard to tell whether it was just an overcast darkness or the beginning of totality but then, boom … it went way dark. It was hard to even capture it on camera because the cameras adjusted for the light — but it was dark! The crowd started cheering, holding up their phones and just really enjoying it together.

It was a party atmosphere all day at Brockport, with bands, food trucks and people from all over the country who experienced totality on the center line.

Report from Monday morning:

Jennifer Lewke live report from SUNY Brockport