UPDATE: Two firefighters suffered minor burns while battling Kenwood Avenue house fire

Fire at Kenwood Avenue vacant home

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UPDATE: Two firefighters suffered minor burns while responding to Wednesday’s fire at a vacant home on Kenwood Avenue. One firefighter was burned on the hand and the other on the face.

The Rochester Fire Department said they were both burned while trying to remove boards. The fire caused aluminum to gutters to melt and liquid metal dripped on them, burning through their protective equipment.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Rochester firefighters battled flames on Wednesday at a vacant home on Kenwood Avenue where a deadly fire took place eight months ago.

Crews arrived just before 10 a.m. The house was boarded up from a fire last May and firefighters tore through the boards to look for anyone inside.

Crews say the first three floors of the house were on fire, the stairs had burned down, and the roof had collapsed. It was unsafe to go inside so firefighters switched to defensive measures.

“We are trying to protect the properties on the adjacent sides of the burning building,” said Santos Cruz with the Rochester Fire Department. “We see burning plastic due to the radiant fire alone we are going to make sure we protect the property we save lives and get fire under control soon.”

Fire officials say the blaze was burning for quite some time before firefighters arrived.