Customers worry about where they’ll get their meds as Walgreens on Thurston Road closes

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Lots of emotion Monday in Rochester’s 19th Ward, as Walgreens on Thurston Road officially closed its doors for the final time that afternoon.

Just about every customer we talked to feels as though as they’re being punished by Walgreens Corporate Office, because they depend on this store every day.

The shelves inside this specific Walgreens don’t have much on them anymore. During the final hours of business just a few customers came by to pick up their prescriptions. Some vendors waited in the parking lot before going inside to remove their unsold merchandise.

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News10NBC reached out numerous times to Walgreens Corporate Office to find out why this store is closing, but have not heard back. Walgreens has been at this location for a few years. Before that there was a Rite Aid store. Now people in the community are being forced to shop elsewhere.

“A lot of seniors use this store to get their medications,” said Isiah Dixon. He continued, “I just came to pick up mine, and they tell me I got to go to Chili Avenue. What’s for the people that don’t have vehicles to make it to Chili Avenue, and we need our medication.”

Autumn Campbell added, “I live right down the street, so usually I can just walk up here and grab my pharmacy. They also have a drive-thru here, that was also very convenient, and now that’s gone. So that’s pretty unfortunate honestly.”

News10NBC reached out to Mayor Malik Evans’ Office, and was sent this statement: “The City last spoke with Walgreens officials on Friday, and is waiting for a written response to its request for a further reevaluation of the store closing, and if required, appeal support from the company’s real estate team to get another business in that space.”

From Thurston Road the next closest Walgreens is located two miles away on West Main Street.