Damar Hamlin’s back in Cincinnati with a message: CPR saves lives

CINCINNATI- Bills safety Damar Hamlin was back in Cincinnati this weekend, six months after he went into cardiac arrest on the football field. His message: CPR saves lives, including his own.

Hamlin stopped in the Queen City on Sunday as part of his Chasing M’s Foundation’s CPR tour. The tour teaches CPR for free.           

The event was held at the University of Cincinnati, alongside the UC Medical Center staff that saved Hamlin’s life

“When we started to plan this CPR tour, we had three cities in mind we wanted to start with: That’s Pittsburgh my hometown, Buffalo my second home, and Cincinnati my third home,” said Hamlin.

“We’re all so thankful he’s doing well. We’re grateful we’re able to be a part of his recovery and his life. We love him like family,” said Dr. Valerie Sams, trauma, and critical care surgeon.

The American Heart Association says only one in every ten people who go into cardiac arrest outside a hospital survive, and that’s because too many people don’t know CPR.