Description released of vehicle that struck off-duty RPD officer

PENFIELD, N.Y. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has provided a description of the driver and vehicle that struck an off-duty Rochester Police Department officer on Thursday.

According to the Sheriff’s office, the fleeing vehicle is described as a “compact sedan ‘sporty’ model with a loud, possibly modified muffler, and a gold license plate beginning with letters similar to ‘HUM'”. As previously reported, the driver of the car is described as a white male approximately 25-30 years old. 

The local police officer has since been released from the hospital after being injured in the hit-and-run crash.

Deputies say the victim, an off-duty Rochester police officer, was stopped at a red light at the intersection of 441 and Five Mile Line Road in Penfield when the suspect’s car rammed into the back of the officer’s car — not once, but three times.

The officer got out to see what was going on, and that’s when deputies say the suspect ran over him then took off westbound on 441. 

The crash happened around 9:10 p.m. Thursday. 

Deputies responded and found the injured officer’s car. They examined the damage and collected evidence before towing it away. 

Deputies say from what they’ve gathered from witnesses, including other people inside the officer’s car, it appeared like the suspect looked out of it. Whether the suspect was drunk or had some sort of medical issue is still to be determined, but when the suspect bumped into them the first time, witnesses say he started revving the engine before hitting them another two times.

Investigators say anyone would have heard the suspect’s car based on what they’ve learned.

“Everyone said that it had a very loud exhaust and from what they could say, it appears to be driven by a male, white, 25-30 years old and that’s about all that we have right now on the suspect description. We are working to get video to see if we can get an accurate photo of the vehicle,” said Lt. Joshua DeRuyter at the time.

The name of the officer has not yet been released. No one else was injured in the crash.

Investigators say they are looking into “multiple leads.” They are also trying to verify the make, model and color of the vehicle. Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff’s office.