Dish Network launches link where customers can pay bills after cyber security attack

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — After a cyber security attack interrupted services, Dish Network has launched a new link where customers can pay their bills and it is slowly continuing to get its systems back online.

Most Dish systems have been down for a few weeks now. We know certain data was extracted from Dish’s IT systems which could include the personal information of customers.

The company says the forensic investigation and assessment into the attack is still ongoing but here’s some new information:

On its website, dish says it will be mailing all of its customers a paper bill this month. The bills will have your 16-digit account number on it. You can then use that account number to log into a new payment system on its website to pay your bill.

Dish also says it is continuing to increase its call center capacity and social media response capabilities.

Dish also says: “In addition, our in-home technicians are visiting homes and assisting customers with new and existing service. Working to restore all of our customer experiences is a top priority but it will take a little time before things are fully restored.”

New10NBC spoke with a local Dish customer, Jack Prutzman of Bloomfield, who couldn’t access Dish’s online services to turn off autopay.

“I have DISH Anywhere on my phone and I also have it on my computer and I tried it on my phone and it asked for my credentials, which it never does, and when I put my credentials in, it said it was not accessible and then the website was down,” he said.