Dogs adopted for free Wednesday at Lollypop Farm

Dog adoption fees at Lollypop Farm waived Nov. 1

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PERINTON, N.Y. — It’s a dog’s day at Lollypop Farm.

The animal shelter Wednesday waived all adoption fees on dogs as it kicked off its 150th birthday month.

For several hours, families got to meet with 18 adoption-ready dogs, all looking for a loving forever home.

Wednesday’s event was called Clear the Kennel, and the goal was to adopt out as many dogs as possible. Several families did just that.

“We turn 150 on November 20, and we thought what better way to kick off our birthday month than to send some dogs home today?” said Lollypop Farm’s Communication Director Lindsay Brewer.

For more than a century, unwanted and neglected animals have found a temporary home at the Humane Society at Lollypop Farm while they wait for an adopter. That’s where Brandon Neary and his family come in.

“I grew up with dogs and animals, and i think it would be something nice for them to grow up with. Nice loving dog for the family,” Neary said.

Kennels with available dogs filled up a wing of the shelter. Neary had an idea in mind of the perfect match.

“Probably a 2-year-old dog. something that you know is housebroken already, and easily acclimated to the home,” Neary said.

Brewer says Lollypop took in a lot of animals once the Covid pandemic eased up.

“We did find that once things kind of opened back up, people weren’t able to care for their animals the way they thought it would be, and that’s okay, and we did have an influx in admissions,” she said.

Evie Douglass knows first-hand the love from a pet and was looking for a new — more vocal — companion.

“Six months ago today I had to put down my dog. so it took me six months to get the courage to look for a new companion. I live alone with three kitties, and I really like a barking doorbell,” Douglass said.

For Douglass, only a rescue dog will do.

“There’s just too many out there that need a home, and I’m not a designer kind of person. I just rescue, rescue, rescue. They know they’ve been rescued,” she said.

We don’t know how many of Wednesday’s dogs got adopted — people who dropped by Wednesday but couldn’t find the right one for them were given a voucher to adopt a dog for free until the end of November. Find all of Lollypop Farm’s animals available for adoption here.