Domestic violence survivor stabbed over 50 times, daughter 6 times, speaking out

Woman stabbed 50 times by ex-husband tells her story

Woman stabbed 50 times by ex-husband tells her story

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — A domestic violence victim is sharing her miraculous survivor story after being stabbed over 50 times.

Shaughnessy Denson was recently released from the hospital and is spreading awareness.

Denson’s 14-year-old daughter was stabbed six times. It’s a miracle they both survived. The suspect is her ex-husband and father of her kids, Doyle Rucker Jr. He’s behind bars and charged with attempted murder.

“Somehow, I got away from him. I don’t know how. But I got away from him, and I ran out the side door,” Denson said.

The horror happened on Feb. 3 on Mitchell Street in Rochester.

Denson said her ex-husband — from whom she has been divorced for the past four years — attacked her and her daughter when the 14-year-old jumped in to help her mom.

She said she hasn’t seen him since they divorced. After a family member of his passed away, she spoke with him, and he asked her if he could stop by to visit the kids.

Denson said she let her guard down and told him it would be okay. Since they’ve been separated and haven’t had any contact, she thought it would be safe and felt comfortable.

He hung out with the kids for about five minutes and wanted to converse more with her.

She began to feel uncomfortable and asked him to leave — and that’s when he pulled out a knife, she said.

“My daughter heard the commotion — she came downstairs and tried to separate us and break it up, and then he attacked her,” Denson said.

Her daughter was stabbed six times; she had wounds to her chest and arm. That’s when Denson’s mama bear instincts kicked in.

“I grabbed the knife like this with my hand to get it off of her, and he started stabbing me again,” Denson said.

Denson was stabbed more than 50 times.

“I was stabbed multiple places, my neck was cut, multiple stabbings throughout my whole chest and stomach area. My legs, both my legs, the front and back. My arms, my back. Stabbed basically all over my body,” Denson said.

She was in the hospital in an induced coma for weeks. She lost half of a lung and her spleen.

“I was having surgery after surgery after surgery,” Denson said.

Her dad Ray Bradley was by her side 24-7. He didn’t even recognize his daughter when he got to the hospital.

Marsha Augustin: When you walked in and first saw her?

Ray Bradley: I almost fainted! The wounds were so terrible that they told me a couple of times that she died on the operating table. And they didn’t think she was going to make it. But I told them this is between her and God.

He couldn’t afford to lose another family member after he lost his wife and the kids lost both of their grandmothers, and his son has been missing for 19 years.

Bradley said he believes Rucker Jr. was trying to kill his daughter two years ago. He was trying to get into Denson’s house after she had an order of protection against him. Denson called police and her dad. When Bradley arrived, he says Rucker Jr. tried to attack him.  Bradley says Rucker Jr. stabbed him and was placed on probation — something Bradley was not happy about.

Denson said she knew once she got away from Rucker Jr., she had a good chance of surviving but she didn’t realize the severity of her injuries.

“I’m thankful to be alive, thankful for my kids and I’m thankful for my dad,” Denson said.

Denson’s message to anyone experiencing domestic violence: Do what you can to get out and don’t go back.

Domestic Violence resources:

Willow Domestic Violence Center

National Domestic Violence Hotline

24 hour helpline: (585) 222-7233