Donation jar stolen from cat shelter in Brockport

Donation jar stolen

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BROCKPORT, N.Y. – Ever since Mr. Grey’s Stray’s opened in Brockport, it’s been a place where anyone can go to adopt a cat in need of a home.

Owner Joane Traber said that a few days ago, someone broke into the home where the cats are kept and stole a water jug full of donations that the non-profit relies on to stay in business.

On the night the jar was stolen, Traber said that she had received a call at 3 a.m. from someone asking for help with a cat. After walking outside the adoption center, Traber said she found change leading up to the doorway of the business. Once inside,Traber said she noticed the donation jar was nearly empty, with only a few quarters left inside. That’s when Traber said she contacted police and turned over security camera footage.

“We do have video cameras and so I spent some time going through the cameras and then we saw the person that did it. I have to say the police came right here. They were able to read his hat, they already called the company where the hat came from, and now we have the license plate. So, we are hoping to find him. Not that I’m going to get my money back, but it’s really kind of shameful,” Traber said.

Traber said that the adoption center is named after a cat she found in 2013, which she named Mr. Grey and that the adoption jar had been in place for three years without ever having anyone steal from it.

Traber said that she hopes to turn what happened into a positive by spreading the word about the cats she has for adoption and said that the business has already received calls from many in the community willing to make contributions.

Mr. Grey’s Strays is a not-for-profit corporation with 501(c) (3) status and a link to their website can be found here.