Drivers head to DMV for last-minute vision tests

Drivers head to DMV for vision tests

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MONROE COUNTY, N.Y. — A few thousand people in Monroe County are at risk of having their driver’s license suspended.

The reason? A Dec. 1 deadline to get your eye exam. This applies to you if your license expired between March 1, 2020, and August 31, 2021, you did not get a vision test in person, and you received a notice from the DEC in the mail in October or this past week saying you need to submit a vision exam.

Monroe County Clerk Jamie Romeo says the Department of Motor Vehicles was open Black Friday to accommodate those drivers.

A lot of people were at the DMV in Greece on Friday for their eye exam — some upset there wasn’t enough notice about a looming deadline. Others just weren’t sure if the deadline applied to them.

“Kind of wish I got something in the mail, personal reminder — other than finding out through the media,” Barry Benedict said.

The DMV sent out another round of letters this past week.

“i got the letter in the mail — I thought it was junk mail — wasn’t identified well enough I should take it seriously,” said Ginny Barley.

For some, it ended up being a last-minute, Black Friday errand.

“I showed her my license, and she gave me this paperwork to fill out and said ‘read the first line’ and I did, and she asked me if I wear the glasses for driving, I said ‘yes, i do,'” Thomas Montesano said.

“I figure I better take a chance, and get here, and check it out before sometime in the near future I lose my license,” Barley said.

If you’re wondering if you fall in the list of those in need of an eye exam, take a moment to check your mail and e-mail. Perhaps you saw something from the DMV and thought it was junk mail.

You can also head to a DMV on Monday.