Drivers taking it slow and easy amid first significant local snowfall

Drivers take it slow and easy

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Weather conditions caused dozens of car crashes Tuesday. News10NBC checked in with area police departments on how many crashes they responded to and how people are navigating through the slippery roads.

On average there was one to three inches — and the roads were slick. People say they are taking it slow and easy.

“I tend to take it a little slower. It helps that my son works close to home, and I work close to home too, so I don’t have to worry about crazy people on the road or anything like that,” Mary Cooper said.

Rochester police reported between the hours of 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. Tuesday, there were nearly 100 car crashes reported in the city of Rochester, though the RPD said none was particularly serious. Brighton Police reported 32 crashes and six disabled drivers over a five-hour period.

News10NBC crews saw traffic backed up in the area of Highland and Monroe avenues causing delays. Fire crews even closed off part of Mt. Hope Avenue due to the icy conditions on the roads.

Drivers explained their defensive driving instincts kicked in.

“As the roads are getting slicker, I think everybody just needs to take their time. Slow down, be cautious of other people,” Cooper said.

At Mayer Paint & Hardware on Winton Road in Rochester, they say the morning started off slow — but as the snow started coming down heavier, business started picking up.

“As it got closer to night more people were coming in for the salt. People were saying, ‘Watch out, it’s slick out there.’ Yeah, but most of it has been the salt we got over here,” Christopher Shierloh said.

They have plenty of salt and winter supplies, he said, and they are using the salt to stay one step ahead of Mother Nature.

“We go out and salt ahead of time just to make sure its down so no ice sticks to the pavement. But generally speaking, we go out and salt on a good day two or three times. On a rough day I’ve seen our salt guys out there every hour,” Shierloh said.

The good news is that the snowfall has diminished. Depending on the area you are in you may see about one to three inches accumulation.