Drug overdoses continue to rise on 7th Annual National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – For pharmacists like Christopher Woodring, the 7th Annual National Prescription Drug Take Back day is more than just a reminder.

“Drug take back day is more than that, it’s all prescriptions drugs that could potentially cause harm in an individual or to be used in that individual,” Woodring said.

Serving as Trillium Health’s Senior Director of Pharmacy Operations, Woodring said he knows how dangerous certain drugs can be if they get into the wrong hands.

“Opiates that are prescribed at the pharmacy are very similar to any drug that you can find on the street,” Woodring said.

It’s why he and all pharmacists across the country are reminding everyone to keep an eye on what is inside their medicine cabinet.

“We want to make sure that meds we take ourselves are away from themselves, are away from those that can potentially harm themselves unknowingly. Children are a great example,” Woodring said.

According to the latest available data, there were 66 drug overdoses in Monroe County the week ending April 18th, with seven potential fatalities attributed to drug overdoses.

Reasons why Woodring said making sure to take back any unused prescription medications, regardless of their controlled status, is critical to keeping the community safe.

“Drug Take Back Day isn’t just a single day of the year. It’s the day to make folks in the community aware that we have this opportunitiy to take back these unwanted or unused drugs out of our communities,” Woodring said.