Eastview Mall welcomes new retailers to the mall

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VICTOR, N.Y. — Three years ago, Eastview Mall in Victor lost 13 local and national retailers. That left big empty spaces in a mall that was struggling to stay afloat. Today, it appears to be on the rebound.

General Manager Mike Kauffman says the mall is welcoming 11 new stores.

“It’s nice to have a place. We don’t want the mall to get smaller and smaller. It’s good that it’s growing,” said Fairport resident Katie Auble.

Eastview Mall took a hit during the pandemic when shoppers stayed home, but Kauffman is optimistic about Eastview’s future. The new stores are expected to all be open before year’s end.

Kauffman added, “We had a terrific 2022. There was a lot of pent-up demand. They were shopping, and 2023 we’re continuing with that trend. It’s been a great year for us so yeah, we got a lot of good things going on.”

One nationally known retailer moving in is Warby Parker, an online retailer known for its prescription eyewear. Warby Parker will open in the fall.

“They’re one of those stores that started out strictly as an internet retailer, and they’re finding that they want to go into some of the better centers around the country, and that they feel the need and know if they’re going to continue to grow their business, they need to do brick-and-mortar stores,” said Kauffman.

Purveyors of household goods, food, and even manicures and pedicures are moving in as well. Valencia Jewelers opened its doors less than a week ago, and business has already exceeded expectations. Manager Habeeb Habeeb is hoping to see even more stores open in the mall.

“The more business, the more better for us. The more traffic in the business, the more better for us. More traffic in the mall, the better for us also,” said Habeeb.

Shopper Kim Taroni added, “We need more stores. I enjoy coming to the mall more than shopping online. So, I think with Eastview adding more we’ll get more people and it will be good for the economy.”

Kauffman is hoping to add 11 more stores by this time next year.