Efforts continue to rescue cats from squalid Gates home

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GATES, N.Y. – The Humane Society was back at a Courtright Lane home Monday, trying to rescue multiple cats.

More than 100 have been seized over the last few days. Investigators believe there are at least 20 more to catch. They were seized from a home on Courtright Lane.

Neighbors say they’ve been complaining for years about the living conditions inside the home. The squalor inside the home is so bad the town says no one can live there.

“I think it’s kind of nasty. It makes me feel a little disgusting,” said Alyiah Dupre, who lives across the street.

Julia Bianca also lives across the street.

“For years now, we’ve been trying to get this dealt with. We’ve called the town. We’ve called human services. We’ve called the humane society. Everybody has been telling us they can’t do anything,” said Bianca.

Last Thursday, the town took action deeming the home uninhabitable. Cleanup continued Monday morning on the property’s exterior. Randy Cimino tells News10NBC he’s already hauled away eight dumpsters worth of trash.

“So, there was rodents. There’s fleas, mosquitoes, flies to the degree that the neighbors were complaining that there was something back there,” said Cimino.

The smell on this portion of Courtright Lane is just overwhelming.

“I haven’t had company at my house in years because I can’t. All I smell is urine and feces across the yard. There are flies everywhere,” said Bianca.

Dupre added, “My mom put those (fly traps) up a couple months ago. They’ve been terrible around the house coming from across the street. The smell was lingering from his backyard.”

Lollypop Farm says all the cats came in with respiratory issues stemming from the unsanitary conditions at the home. The Humane Society is looking for foster homes for cats already in its care to free up space for this new influx.

Investigator Jerome Reger said they will not be adopted out anytime soon.

“At this point they are evidence. There are charges pending and the attorney’s working with us. I would probably assume that they are going to be surrendered at one point,” said Reger.

News10NBC will keep you updated when the homeowner is charged. Click here for information on how you can help these animals.