Erie County DA to look into possible Bills stadium dirt sales

BUFFALO, N.Y. – We all know Bills Mafia is an especially passionate fan base, but who would have thought people would start selling dirt from the groundbreaking of the new Buffalo Bills stadium ?

Within days after the groundbreaking on June 5, ads started popping up online, claiming to sell dirt from the site. Those sellers are looking to make a quick buck, but they might end up getting charged with a crime instead.

Erie County officials asked their district attorney to investigate whether these sales could be criminal.

“I kind of chuckled to be honest with you at first, but I’ll look into it,” said Erie County DA John Flynn. He could have went into his backyard and got dirt, and now he’s online under false pretenses.”

If the dirt being sold, and came from the site, a seller could  be guilty of trespassing if they weren’t authorized to be at the construction site, or they could be charged with theft if they were allowed to be on site, but didn’t get permission to take the dirt.