Fact Check: Does KFC give free chicken bucket refills?

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Don’t you love it when you go to a restaurant and they have free refills on drinks? Well, what about buckets of chicken?

There is a rumor viewed by millions on TikTok that says KFC is offering free refills on buckets of chicken if you can finish them in an hour.

So, we absolutely had to find out if that was true.

The post by TikToker @alanfarrell has been viewed almost 24 million times. It starts with another TikToker saying “KFC does free refills on buckets of chicken.”

It then cuts to Farrell, who decides to put it to the test. He goes to a KFC restaurant, orders an eight piece bucket of extra crispy chicken, then proceeds to sit down and eat the entire thing.

He then goes back to get his refill. As he does, the “supposed” policy appears on the screen. It says you only have 60 minutes to finish the first bucket, have to keep your receipt, and it is only valid if you eat the chicken in house.

The KFC employee appears to comply with the refill request. “Enjoy your second meal,” she says.

“Wow, it worked,” Farrell responds.

But, is it really the policy of KFC to give out free bucket refills or is this a case of “fowl” play?        

We reached out directly to KFC for the answer. It didn’t respond. But it did address it on its Twitter account.

It says, “The bad news, the free bucket refill rumor is a lie.”

You heard it from the Colonel — that rumor is FALSE.

Although you can’t get free refills, there is a bit of good news for KFC fans. In its tweet, the chicken chain said it does have a special offer for $10 buckets in its app.