Fairport man appears in documentary series about aircraft he restored

Fairport man, 90, appears in docuseries about jet he restored

Fairport man, 90, appears in documentary about jet he restored

FAIRPORT, N.Y. — A 90-year-old man from Fairport is getting some “airtime” for restoring an old Polish fighter jet. By that, we mean TV airtime.

He’s co-starring in a new video documentary series that can be seen on YouTube, produced by The Airshow Team.

Jon Blanchette is not a pilot. In his words, he’s just a guy who restored an aircraft.

It took him 14 years to restore a Vietnam War-era jet, after he bought it as a piece of scrap. Now, it’s an airshow star.

Blanchette says the jet was vandalized when the Berlin Wall came down in 1990, which posed a challenge for him.

Another challenge was the fact that it was six tons — most of his experience was restoring old cars.

Blanchette says the hard work paid off. The specific “Mig” is the only one of its kind that still flies. And he got to work with professionals, for a docuseries that premiered last week.

“Basically I did it alone, we just take everything apart, clean it, repair it, you replace it or whatever, and you put her back together again, so you can wind up with a new aircraft when you’re done,” Blanchette said.

Eriketa Cost: At 90 years old, did you think you would be in a TV show?

Jon Blanchette: No, not at all, it’s just another day in life.

You can see episode 1 here.

Subsequent episodes can be seen here and here.