Family in “true shock” after wife charged with murdering husband of more than 40 years in Greece

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GREECE, N.Y. (WHEC) — Tonight a 68-year-old woman from Greece is in a county jail cell accused of shooting and killing her husband of more than 40 years.

Skavon Andrews pleaded not guilty Wednesday morning.

Her husband Rawleigh Andrews was shot in his driveway on Vintage Lane in Greece Tuesday afternoon.

The murder charge came as a complete shock to the family and to the people who worked with the suspect.

Greece Police say Skavon used a rifle to shoot her husband in the head and that there is “video evidence” of the shooting. We found security cameras along the front of their house and evidence markers on the driver’s side of the pickup truck in the driveway where Rawleigh was shot.

“We’re just numb. We don’t really have answers. A lot of questions as to why,” Phobie McCullough said.

McCullough is the Andrews’ niece. I met her when she came to Greece Town Court trying to see the arraignment of her aunt.

Brean: “Can you think of any reason why something like this would happen?”

Phobie McCullough: “Honestly I cannot. I’ll tell you I’ve spent all night trying to figure out why this would happen. I’ve always seen my aunt and uncle as a very loving couple. They’ve been married for over 40 years and that’s all I’ve ever seen. So I kid you not, I’ve been up all night trying to wrap my mind around what happened and why.”

McCullough said she could not come up with an answer.

She said she saw her aunt and uncle together at her mother’s birthday last month and nothing seemed wrong.

The shooting happened in the middle of the afternoon on Vintage Lane, one of the busiest roads in Greece with access from I-390 and Mt. Read Boulevard.

The shot was so loud, neighbors like Carmen Vazquez thought it was a car crash.

Brean: “When you heard that boom…”

Carmen Vazquez, neighbor: “I got scared because we live in a nice neighborhood, you never hear nothing except the traffic.”

McCullough and other family members told News10NBC that the Andrews lost their son on June 21, 2022.

The obituary of Trevino “Shantea” Andrews says he died at home. It says he was a father of three and an Army veteran who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“So to lose him and then to turn around and lose his father and potentially his mom as well, it’s just tough for our family,” McCullough said.

McCullough said Rawleigh was the fun uncle and never saw him angry. Skavon worked behind the scenes in local radio and every radio person I talked to said she was the nicest person.

The next hearing is Monday afternoon.