Your Photos: Fan spirit spills over as Bills face Chiefs

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – It was a heartbreaking loss for the Bills as they fell to the Chiefs 27-24 on Sunday. Although the Bills season is now over, many fans shared their Bills spirit with News10NBC. Here’s a look at pictures we received:

Photo credit: Mary Jo Nowak
Photo: Sharon West
Photo: Brianne Saskowski
Easton and Rosie Uline (photo credit: Stephanie Dilcher)
Photo: Christina Gallo
Charlie Kwiecien (Photo: Melanie Bracaglia)
Rick and Janet Burgwardt (Photo: Janet Burgwardt)
Erick Burgwardt, Andie, and Whiskey (Photo: Janet Burgwardt)
Campi (Photo: Carol Brienza)
Smoky (Photo: Nicole Vanderwalker)
Brett Davidsen (Photo: Bonnie Marrocco)
Highland Hospital’s social work team display their Bills pride. (Photo: Gabrielle Baldwin)
Piper Mae VanDyne is a 6-week-old member of the Mini Bills Mafia. (Photo: Carri Ersland and Jesse VanDyne)
Violet Vigliotti of Syracuse (Photo: Christine Vigliotti)
Photo: Holly Ramirez
Bills mini-cheerleader Ella Mae (Photo: Shanna Sengillo)
Kody’s a big Buffalo fan. “My big guy loves his Bills,” says Jessica Zornow. (Photo: Jessica Zornow)
This American Girl doll says “GO BILLS” (Photo: Donna Bergstresser)
Shannon Lennox with Easton and Callie Robinson. “Just a Mama & her babies supporting their team,” says Shannon. (Photo: Shannon Lennox)
“My husband is a lifelong Bills fan, and our kids have followed in their dad’s footsteps. Not even an emergency health issue stopped them from watching the game together!” says Krista Brown. (Photo: Krista Brown)
Liz and Marybeth write: “This is our rescue dog, Gretchen. She is a dedicated Bills fan!” (Photo: Marybeth Gillespie)
(Photo: Darryl Marshall)
Bowling buddies from Dewey Gardens (Photo: Lisa Arnone)
River Swift, a 2-month-old Bills fan (Photo: Amber Denby)
Zoey and Teresa with Billy (Photo: Teresa O’May)
Kaleb, 2 months old. (Photo: Marcy Ofinowicz)
Luciana Lanza (Photo: Michael Lanza)
(Photo: Torres Family)
Deanna Dewberry (Photo: Bonnie Marrocco)
Cancun, Mexico
(Photo: Alicia Marie)
(Photo: Kristin K)
Sports reporter Mat Mlodzinski's brother David, nephews, niece, and dad Jim cheer on the Buffalo Bills from CT!
Sports reporter Mat Mlodzinski’s brother David, nephews, niece, and dad Jim cheer on the Buffalo Bills from CT!
Mike, Marisa and Nick (Photo: Jackie Geraci)
Dominique, Jared and doggies (Photo: Jackie Geraci)