Father, son made 900-mile trek from Alabama for the Bills

Father, son make 900-mile trek from Alabama to see Bills

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Charlie Robinett had never been to an NFL game before. He lives in Alabama, where the 8-year-old fell in love with the Buffalo Bills.

“We watched them so much they became my fanbase. And I started liking all the players like Stefan Diggs, Josh Allen, Gabe Davis …” Charlie said.

His dad knew what the team meant to this budding Mini Mafia member — and he knew what he had to do.

“I got a wild-haired idea early last week and floated it to my brother: I think I’m gonna do a road trip and take Charlie to the Bills game,” Adam Robinett recalled.

So he bought tickets to the Steelers game at Highmark Stadium.

But getting there wouldn’t be easy. A snowstorm. The game delayed by a day.

But none of it would stop Adam and Charlie. They got in their car and made the 900-mile drive — their car covered in snow and salt by the time they arrived.

“The anxiety of leaving Birmingham for Buffalo when you know a winter storm is coming — that’s not the smartest thing to do,” Adam said. “When we got in the stadium, all of that went away.”

Still, a southern kid who had never seen measurable snow before now found his seat buried.

“I didn’t know what we were gonna do. But thankfully somebody had a shovel, so we could shovel it out. But then we were standing in an ice cube,” Charlie said.

But it didn’t matter. He was seeing the Bills … in person … in Buffalo … in January.

“I actually loved it. I loved the snow game,” Charlie said.

And these fans from far away quickly learned they were among friends, embraced by the Bills Mafia.

“The Mafia couldn’t have been nicer to us. They were incredibly welcoming,” Adam said.

A father and son, making memories together.

“Just seeing him and the emotion and fun that he had, that’s why we did it,” Adam said.

Welcome, Charlie, to the Bills Mafia.