First Alert Weather In-Depth: Chilling on a Motorcycle

Weather In-Depth: Could Monday be a day with record chill?

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – The temperature over the last seven days has been relatively warm with a few days well into the 80s. This time of the year we look toward more comfortable conditions and we expect that each day will be a temperate one. However, that is not always the case and Monday is a good example.

Our high temperature for this Monday afternoon struggled to reach 60 degrees. Could this be a day with record chill? This is the type of record that is not referenced very often. It is the record “low” high temperature. In other words, the “cool” high temperature for the day. If you look at the record books, you have to go back 143 years ago to 1881 to find a colder high temperature for this day. We will surpass 57 degrees, but not by very much.

Considering we are well into June and it is considered meteorological summer, for some folks this chilly air is not welcome. For example, if moving quickly on a road bike or even a motorcycle, the wind chill can be an issue. If you have been watching the News10NBC First Alert Forecast hopefully you are wearing that heavier attire.

Interesting to note that even the overnight temperature will drop quickly. Nothing dramatic for our northern towns, but the deeper valleys south of Rochester could be in the upper 40s. But looking ahead we know that the true summer heat is coming. The summer solstice (the official start of the summer season) arrives in just 10 days.