First Alert Weather In-Depth: Do the numbers add up for winter?

Weather In-Depth: Our temps this winter

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — If you are a winter enthusiast, you already know this has not been one of our more typical winter seasons so far for Western New York.

If we analyze just the temperature for the month of December, Rochester measured a good eight degrees above normal. And even though all the numbers are not in, the month of January is running well above normal as well. Right now it stands at four degrees above normal.

So where is all the cold, arctic air? It is out there, but you have to go all the way up to Hudson’s Bay before you reach temperatures that are even close to zero. And in the short term, there appear to be nothing to drive or push that cold air to the south towards Western New York.

Looking ahead in time, what can we expect for Rochester for the remainder of the snow season? Climatological data can be revealing. This is the data that shows the typical weather for the future as tabulated from the average over a 30 year period. What do we typically get for the month of February?

The average temperature is 27 degrees and the average snowfall is a little over 23 inches for the month.  Looking even further in time, the month of March, April, and May are typical what is left of winter weather. From March through the month of May the average temperature will rise from 35 degrees to 59 degrees and snowfall drops from an average of 18 inches in March down to less than an inch in the month of May.

I guess you can say the end is in sight, but we still have a long way to go.