First Alert Weather In-Depth: High temperatures mean danger for kids and pets

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — We certainly have dealt with the humidity this Summer so far, but the heat has been lacking.

However, we will deal with true Summertime heat through the remainder of this work week. Temperatures over the next couple of afternoons could reach 90 degrees, if not higher, and this means that a locked car and ground temperatures can pose a threat to your kids and pets.

When the air temperature gets to 90 degrees, within 10 minutes a locked car can warm up to 110 degrees. Within a half hour, that car warms up to over 120 degrees and then over 130 degrees after an hour. This is why you want to always “look twice before you lock” as that could save your kid and/or pets life.

Speaking of your pets, they need to be walked to go to the bathroom in the afternoon or evening. Concrete and asphalt temperatures on hot Summer days can be harmful to your pets’ paws. When the air temperature is around 90 degrees, concrete can warm up to 125 degrees in bright sunlight and asphalt can warm up to 140 degrees burning your pets’ paws. What you want to do when you come across an area that could be too hot for your pet is pout your hand on the ground and count to three. If that surface is too hot for your hand, then the surface will be too hot for your fury friends’ paws.

The heat won’t last with us too long, but these are just helpful reminders for you to keep you, your kids, and pets safe.