First Alert Weather In-Depth: It is a long hurricane season

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Currently the hurricane season looks calm and quiet, but as they say, looks can be deceiving. Right now, we have “Nigel,” which is a well-developed category one storm with winds of 90 mph. It is a good distance away from any landmass and is currently about 700 miles to the east of the island of Bermuda. The storm is moving directly north and, as a result, it will not be a threat to anybody except for possible shipping concerns.

The tropical outlook shows us the future possibilities of cyclones over the next five to seven days. First, there isthe possibility of development coming off of the coast of Africa. However, even if a tropical storm or hurricane were to develop, it would not be a threat to the United States until early October. That is due to the sheer distance it would have to travel to reach the U.S.  Naturally, the News 10NBC meteorologists will keep tabs on that area for possible development.

The second area that we are watching is very close to the Carolina coast. If any intensification happens it would likely take place on either Friday or Saturday of this week. It is debatable whether it would become a named storm, but there is near certainty that there will be some heavy rain rolling up the east coast possibly reaching coastal New England later this weekend.

Fortunately, we have already surpassed the peek of the hurricane and tropical storm season. Climatologically the season runs from June first through November 30 and at least by the law of averages, storms will become less and less in the coming weeks.