First Alert Weather In-Depth: More fun in the sun or the snow?

Weather In-Depth Thursday

The News10NBC Team details breaking News, Traffic and Weather.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – It seems like there is no middle ground when it comes to the weather this past winter and spring season. This is illustrated by just looking at the month of March. If we highlight the number of days when had above average temperatures – that was the entire first half of March. In fact, we recorded two days with record high temperatures (March 4 with 72 degrees and March 5 with 71 degrees).  However, the second half of the month was just the opposite with below average temperatures for the majority of the month. 

March usually brings an average of 18 inches of snow, but in reality we only measured half that amount of snow this past month. When measuring the entire seasonal snowfall, the Rochester Airport had a little over 51 inches which is a deficit of 50 inches. Fortunately, I do not think too many folks are complaining. The question is there anything left of winter?  Well, the archived climatological data can be revealing. The average date for the last measurable snowfall is April 15. The earliest date for the snow to end was March 16 back in 1931 and the latest snowfall was May 19 in 1976.  

As we look ahead for this year, it appears the big swings in the temperature will continue. We know it feels more like winter on Thursday, but unseasonably warm weather is set to swing into town again for next week. This time period extends out for the next six to ten days.