First Alert Weather In-Depth: Not all fall seasons are the same

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – I have to give a credit to our morning meteorologist, Rich Caniglia. He mentioned that it seems like there has been a big difference in the temperature for this fall season, compared to the fall season last year. That seemed like an interesting idea worth investigating. So we looked at the numbers and during the month of September, specifically on the 22nd  (the official start of the fall season), our temperatures started trend downward.

So far the unseasonably cool weather has continued for October. And with the exception of just one day, there has been a theme of below average temperatures. Now just to verify, I decided to add up the temperatures and look at just the average temperature during that period. The result is that last October confirmed the difference with an average temperature of 5.4 degrees above normal. The current chill is also confirmed with the data from October 2022 that showed we are running some 5.3 degrees below normal. Even though this is limited data, since we are currently only one third of the way through the month, this is still pretty significant contrast.

Looking ahead, we do see bit of a warm up in the coming days.  But, it will not last. It appears that we will likely get several shots of colder air, especially later next week.  The question is will it be cold enough that we see some mixed precipitation?