First-Alert Weather In-Depth: Preventing snowmelt flooding

Weather In-Depth: Preventing snowmelt flooding

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Last week across Western New York and the Finger Lakes, we had bitter cold weather with many days of accumulating snow. Now that the snow has fallen and the cold weather has moved out of our region, we have seen the snow melt, and at a good pace. As we head into Friday morning a good amount of rain is expected, and the amount of rain with melting snow could lead to some minor flooding issues across our region.

The good news is that there are ways to mitigate and even stop the potential flooding in and around your home.

First is the snow around the street drains. Make sure that the sewer drains around your home are clear of any snow piles so that the snowmelt and rain can drain properly. Secondly, is your roof clear? Now most of us have not seen much snow the last week, but areas west of Rochester have seen a good amount of lake effect. If you can do so, clear off as much snow from your roof as possible so it does not lead to leaks or damage to your roof. With the roof, make sure your storm gutters are clear as well. This will allow the snowmelt and rain to drain away from your home properly too.

Finally, we may not have a whole lot of street flooding and major issues but the ground is soaked — which could lead to basement flooding. With that, always make sure your basement pump is working if you have one. Also, if there is any leftover snow around the foundation of your home, clear that to the best of your ability so the melting snow can not enter your home.

We hope these tips are helpful, and remember, it is only January so these will also be used again as we move into early spring!