First Alert Weather In-Depth: Snow and sunshine are for lovers

ROCHESTER, N.Y. It is feeling like spring has sprung in Western New York with the 50-degree weather today.

Many folks have been sending in pictures of daffodils now starting to poke through the ground. This is amazing weather considering what we could be getting today.

If we go back through time to 16 years ago it was a different story. Exactly 16 years ago we had the blizzard of 2007. This was the Valentine’s Day storm and for many, it was a shut-down storm for Western New York.

This was a big sprawling storm with snowfall extending from Chicago and the Ohio valley across northern New England where some folks measured more than three feet of snow. As a result, there were some reports of structural damage with roof collapses in eastern and northern New York.

A look at the specific snowfall amounts in Rochester we measured almost 18 inches of snow on Valentine’s Day 2007. However, we also measured 3.6 inches the day before and another 1.6 inches the day after.

If you do the math, that brings a grand total of 23 inches of snow from the 2007 Valentine’s Day storm. No doubt there was a lot of shoveling going on. Something that we have not done a lot of this year.