First Alert Weather In-Depth: Two Januarys to remember

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – It is time to have a little fun with weather statistics.  Meteorologists love to do this and here is a little comparison for the month of January.  This is comparison for this year compared to last year at this time of the month.  And when you see the numbers, there is really no comparison.

The temperature for last January was running at 6.7 degrees below normal.  In fact, for the month we had five days with subzero temperature readings at the Rochester Airport.  In addition, it is probably not surprise that we had lot of snowfall. Last January the folks at the National Weather Service measured almost 35 inches of snowfall.

What about this January? Yeah, you guessed it!  Right now we are running at almost 7 degrees above normal for the temperature. For precipitation it has been a very small amount of snow with only a little over 7 inches. This really is illustrated when you look at the month as a whole. The month of January, day by day, has produced above average temperatures for just about every day.

We know there are some significant changes coming our way. Looking ahead this is going to be a cold front that has some impact for late Thursday into Friday. When this front passes, Western New York will find some brutally cold air with the wind chill going subzero at times. Get ready for early February!