First Alert Weather In-Depth: Ups and downs of Spring

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Over the last month in western New York, we have continued to deal with the ups and downs of Spring and Winter. However as we go forward through the next seven to ten days across our region, we will finally see the milder weather take over. Not only that, but an area of high pressure will keep us dry through that time and the southerly flow will warm us up.

Speaking of the dry weather, numerical weather prediction has virtually no rain for us, and through the majority of upstate New York. Now things could change, but overall we are expecting a very dry weather pattern to set up.

So this got meteorologist Alex Bielfeld thinking, when was the last time we had stretches of three, five, seven, and 10 days of not recording any rainfall? Three Days, occurred last month from March 20-22. The last five day stretch, we have to go all the way back to last October for that (October 21-25,2022) for that.

A week of dry weather last occurred in May of last year (May 7-13, 2022), and that actually went nine days from May 5 through May 13. Now the last stretch of 10 days in which we didn’t see any rain was back in June of 2020 (June 12-21, 2020).

Alex thinks we have a chance to do that again, but we will see how things change over the next few days. One thing we can say is that Spring is here!